Dear, Beautiful Little Muffins: A Memoir

So 164 people (a small percentage (very small) of whom probably aren’t real) were interested enough by my writing or thoughts or maybe just thought I was cute enough to follow me on here. 

So even though it’s not some kind of milestone or nice round number or whatever

Thank you so much for appreciating the things I make. It means a lot and is super encouraging and I love you folks. 


See ya later you beautiful little muffins. 

Bill Eye the Science Fly

A tourniquet tied to my
impending sense of confusion.
Pneumonia or allegory?
A story to show the dangers of
breathing in just enough oxygen.

Homicide statistics aren’t accurate
if someone’s good at what they do.
A bank account flowing with rivers
of blood

Brains are narcissists,
or awareness just needs
to mind it’s own damn business
once in a while.

A system built on the operator 
and a much to curious being 
given how much time it has to exist. 

Existence is a strange thing. 
But if you think about it too hard
you’ll become a theoretical physicist. 

That’s right you’ve never needed a degree
you just have to be really fucking sure
about what your saying and know

when not to admit that you don’t really know shit
about a single bit of